Antenna Installation

Digital TV Antenna Installation

Need a Digital TV Antenna Installation but don’t know where to start?  Jim’s Antennas has installed over 1 Million TV Antennas and counting related to Digital Reception since inception. Our Antenna changeovers start at just $250 Book Now.

With television technology evolving so quickly in Australia, along with the technology that supplies our TV reception, we can now enjoy plenty of free to air television channels – commonly referred to as Freeview.



There are now 25 or more Freeview stations available in most Australian Capital and Regional cities, depending in which state and region you reside.

Having a quality digital aerial professionally installed will help you to get rid of the pixelating pictures and reception interruptions that are fairly common with poorly installed antennas.

Jim’s Digital Antennas are the industry’s experts and our knowledge will banish all sorts of reception problems and allow you the television experience you desire.  The Jim’s Antennas team of experienced professionals will not only install the TV Antenna on your rooftop, we will also take the necessary steps to ensure its durability.

Not sure if you need a TV Antenna Installation? Let us visit you onsite at a time that’s convenient to you and well help you understand your needs to get picture perfect TV either with a new Antenna Installation or by further diagnosing any other potential issues you may have.

TV Reception Problems?

TV reception issues may not only be related to your TV Antenna as there are many causes of poor TV reception some internal and others external.

Prior to calling out your local antenna expert from Jim’s Antennas Digital some of these can be easily resolved by evaluating the following –

  • Ensure your TV and power cables are connected to the wall sockets as well as the TV
  • Try and perform an auto or manual scan for TV Channels (refer back to your TV’s owner manual)
  • If you do have an amplifier in your system ensure the power supply is plugged in and turned on

Poor quality and inferior cabling, splitters and connectors can also affect your TV reception and may see it deteriorate over time.

Damage from storm weather can also cause reception issues. Strong winds may have knocked your antenna off alignment or heavy rain may have caused water damage to parts of your antenna system.

TV reception issues may also be caused by factors outside of the home such as 4G  (otherwise known as LTE) interference from nearby mobile tranmission towers.

LED lights and electrical Interference and more commonly solar panels on roofs are also major causes of TV Reception Issues.

Dependent on the type of TV Reception Issue you are experiencing it can difficult to diagnose these reception issues. That is why all of our local TV Antenna experts carry state of the art field strength meters that allows them to check the TV spectrum and see what is causing the interference.

By using our services you can ensure that all the channels will be on the right spectrum with no ‘repeat’ channels. We’ll calibrate to make sure you have the absolute best audio and picture possible for your particular TV, along with preventing your picture from pixelating.

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